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Architektur in Provincie Antwerpen

Terraced House

in Architektur von Huiswerk Architecten
  beigetragen von 128 miesvanderrohe, 16 November 2009
The house in Veldstraat is conceived on the basis of maximum interaction with the town and the neighbourhood. The big double doors on the ground floor ensure contact with the street. The entrance...

Antwerp Lawcourts

in Architektur von Richard Rogers Partnership
beigetragen von 128 miesvanderrohe, 26 November 2009
Antwerp’s New Law Courts will be a catalyst for RRP’s long-term masterplan for the new ‘Zuid’. The site for the Law Courts is the Bolivarplaats, on the southern edge of Antwerp’s...

Yohji Yamamoto Boutique

in Architektur von Wim Goes Architectuur
beigetragen von 323 World Architecture Festival , 27 Oktober 2009
Located in Mode Natie, the 19th century neoclassic structure is reincarnated to a space filled with a modern tone of tranquillity white, high pillars, large shields and multiple lightening...