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RIMI Supermarket

beigetragen von 128 miesvanderrohe, 3 November 2009


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Beschreibung RIMI Supermarket:

Shopping center building is located in Riga, Valdemara street 112/114, in the block between Valdemara, Kareivju, Hospitalu and Ierednu streets, in the place of former leather-processing factory “Kosmoss”. Building is located in UNESCO World Culture and Nature heritage territory.
In the beginning of building works, biggest part of existing buildings in the land was demolished.
When project was in beginning stage, decision was made to preserve production building’s facade facing Kareivju street (1885. - 86.g., arch. K.Felsko) and water-tower, they were counted to be enough valuable and characteristic for that time architectural examples.
Preserved Kareivju street’s facade was in very bad technical condition. It was demolished and rebuilt newly by photogrammetry materials made in august of 2002.
Shopping center building was designed for trading with food-products (85.7% from total area) and trading with non-consumable goods (14.3% form total area)
Shopping center - 1 storey building. General entrance (from Ierednu street) against Ierednu and Valdemara streets is accented with horizontally divided glass-wall and I-beam form metal grid. In this metal grid are situated advertisements. Rest of the building is cladded with St. Johns red brick (Azeri Tellis).
Preserved water-tower, “ingrowed” in general entrance facade’s structure, is part of outdoor café. It’s upper wooden construction is reconstructed, making new contemporary metallic grid construction around tower for shopping center’s electric sign advertising.
Preserved production building’s façade from new building is separated with glass lane. In preserved building’s roof construction are located technical rooms.
From Hospitalu street’s side is place for good’s delivery, there also is located technical rooms.
In the land’s territory existing trees are preserved where possible. They are supplemented with 8 new trees. Along land border will be green fence h=1.5m.
RIMI Supermarket won Grand Prix award in category “Latvia’s best new building” in 2003.

Photography by: Indrikis Sturmanis
Andris Kalinka

Source: Mies Arch Prize: http://www.miesarch.com/


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